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The latest version of the Voice Solutions server, Phoenix is a digital solution for recording, managing, and transcribing dictation. It acts as your dictation hub and can run on a dedicated or virtual server.

Phoenix brings all of the features you have come to expect from a digital solution but with a very streamlined and user-friendly approach. End-users and admins alike will find it easy to learn while providing a highly customized and versatile experience. In addition, your data is always secure with encryption, profile permissions, and backup options.


iNet 3
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Dictate Your WayDictate from your computer with PcDictate II, your iPhone with PhoenixTalk, a digital portable recorder, a DAC telephony station, or any telephone/cellphoneInternet TranscriptionUsing iNet 3, users can securely type anywhere, including home, over the internet or a VPNPowerful Management ToolsEasily group edit dictations, assign work, export, create custom reports, and moreSecure Your DataAccess logs, profile restrictions, encryption, passwords, and more to meet company or government security policiesIntuitive Admin ConsoleEven administrative tasks such as editing user profiles and system settings are easyDesigned For ReliabilityCan run on virtual servers, built on the Apache web server, and uses MySQL databaseMost Affordable Server SolutionBig on features, big on ease of use, but low on price - no other brand comes closeBenefits
Voice Solutions is trusted by hospitals, law firms, and government agencies around the country. If you don't have a Phoenix server yet, here are some key benefits:

Get Connected: Link and centrally manage all of your offices with a single solution

Save Time: Work less with mobile dictation, powerful management & report tools

Keep Your Money: Easy integration with a quick return on investment


  • Dictate from any telephone or cellphone (requires telephony add-on)
  • Use our iPhone app PhoenixTalk
  • Supports all DAC telephony dictate stations (requires a junction box)
  • Supports DSS files from digital portables (e.g. Philips 8000, 9600, Olympus DS-7000, 5000)
  • PcDictate II fully integrates with server user profiles
  • User profiles allow custom settings, greetings, exporting, and more for each user
  • Upload dictation to the server via your web browser from any computer
  • Passwords prevent unauthorized dictation
  • Telephony users can be prompted to enter a worktype, department, typist, subject/patient number, & two additional custom fields


  • Transcribe from any computer over the internet, VPN, or LAN with iNet 3
  • Transcribe over a phone line with a DA-116 (requires telephony add-on)
  • User profiles allow custom settings & greetings for each user
  • Passwords prevent unauthorized transcription
  • Security restrictions allow granular control over file access & features
  • Export files to paths configured server-side for outside transcription

  • Customizable telephony keymaps
  • Set limits for record, silence, and stop time per telephone line or user profile
  • Numeric keycodes prevent unauthorized access
  • Demographic data can be spoken to users based on fields and an order they select
  • Up to 24 telephony lines can be ran on a single Phoenix server


  • Slick new interface that is intuitive and easy to learn
  • Admin Console can be ran from server or remote client
  • Easily view and route dictations or edit their demographic data
  • Over 20 different demographic fields provide data on each audio file
  • Group Edit allows demographic/status changes and exporting on multiple files
  • Categories allow custom work pools to be created based on a variety of criteria
  • Automatic or manual exporting available
  • Create custom text-based reports for productivity, billing, or payroll
  • Monitor connected users and disconnect them as needed
  • User profiles allow unique telephony and security features on an individual basis
  • Easily edit multiple user profiles, keymaps, or categories simultaneously
  • Access logs track all access to audio files
  • Administrative abilities can be assigned to user profiles with authentication
  • Security time-outs in Admin Console
  • Automatic audio file backup feature
  • Automatic database maintenance and cleanup
  • One-click software update

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