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Our expert staff at Great Northwest Dictating Systems, Inc. (GNDS), have been supporting great customers like you for over two decades.

Whether you are a small practice, hospital or international law firm, GNDS can assist you at every level of your organization's digital dictation system initiatives.

Our Turn-Key Solutions begin with:

  • Q & A meetings
  • Product demonstrations
  • Pre-project planning
  • Project management and/or assistance
  • Installation
  • Configuration of system/s
  • Training

The GNDS sales & support footprint was initially designed with local service in mind to both the greater Oregon and Washington State professional communities back in 2005 -that is why we are called Great Northwest Dictating Systems, Inc.

Since then, GNDS has grown organically as customer demand grew while looking for a knowledgeable digital dictation system provider to assist them decide on the right technology to deploy accompanied by the best support. We now sell and support dictation system customers all over the country.We connect with customers daily via GoToMeeting webinars as well as Citrix driven web support, allowing us to be wherever our customers are. 

GNDS is confident that our customers would dutifully encourage you to reach out to Great Northwest Dictating Systems first to assist your organization's digital dictation system initiatives by dialing  (888) 464-5362

-if emailing is an easier way to communicate, please use the form below.

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